About Us


Profetic Calaveras is a Latin-fusion band started by Alex Armando Ruiz and Carolina Togo Guedes in January 2017. The members of the band include Alex (Vox, Guitar), Carolina (Bass), Daniel Armstrong (Piano/Melodica), and Zion Spencer (Drums). The music they play is an eclectic mixture of Latin, Jazz, R&B, Prog, and Rock. After traveling together in separate projects for a year, Carolina and Alex created Profetic Calaveras as a way to stand together in their music and heritage as they do in the real world. They came back to Tyler, Texas, Alex’s hometown after traveling the East Coast to develop the band and its members. They played with Eric “Chewie” Taylor on the drums for a while during the first few months of their band’s genesis. And have recently begun their first EP titled “We are Calaveras,” which was recorded live at Wire Road Studios in Houston, TX in August 2017. The Dry Bones Tour (2017) will be the band’s debut into a wider national audience, spanning the states of California, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico in the year of 2017 and the Southern and Northern East Coast on 2018.